Combined audience (data) and publisher content (context) for a deeper understanding during discovery.

Higher Yield

Increased CPMs through data backed header bidding.

Private Market Place Without a Deal ID

Create your own marketplace in minutes, not days. The workflow requires no coding or development work.

C1X Forecast

C1X Forecast is a breakthrough tool that utilizes sophisticated time-based algorithms to grasp the capacity of your impressions against your audiences.



The C1X marketplace gives complete clarity to where costs are being added in the supply chain. Both buyers and sellers know deal participants and size.


Quick Integration

Quick server-to-server integration with automated import of ad units and audience data.


Increase your revenue in 3 easy steps


    1. Unlock Value with the C1X Audience Pixel

    Pixeling allows publishers and advertisers to understand the full audience on your sites. Once known, your sites’ unique user sets can be offered at premium pricing.

    2. Integrate with Ad Server to Optimize Operations

    The C1X media planning process can be handled in minutes - not days. Once integrated, forecast information and campaign information flow seamlessly back and forth.

    3. Deploy C1X header tag

    The C1X Header Tag, combined with the C1X Audience Pixel, is the most powerful way to monetize your inventory. Advertisers will be able to bid in real time for specific users, maximizing CPM. Publishers can always choose to serve guaranteed impressions if they are not happy with the CPM from header bidding
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Leverage Audience data to drive revenue and higher CPM values

C1X uses complex data-science to help publishers improve sales of their supply, through optimal utilization of consumer data, audience and supply forecasting tools, and media selling automation.