C1X helps mobile publishers run ad campaigns to acquire new users and better monetize existing users through SDK and demand side platform tools. Our innovative ad formats, audience profiling and custom targeted ads enables marketers to reach the most valuable audiences and recommend the best actions to connect with them.


How it works?

C1X helps Android Developers Monetize their app by delivering mobile ads that blends seamlessly with the app.


C1X's innovative native ad formats have high eCPMs that enable app developers to get high yield.

App Developers utilize the C1X Mobile SDK to enable audience profiling capabilities yielding insight on user’s behavioral attributes for the highest potential lifetime value of users. The C1X Mobile SDK is easy to implement with just few lines of code.


Why C1X Mobile ?


    Tracking System

    C1X Mobile's own tracking platform helps to track all your data points & optimize business. 


    Short Payment Terms

    We have various ranges of payment modes - Bank transfer, Paypal and Wire transfer. We provide monthly payments & the minimum threshold is just US $100. 


    Dedicated Affliliate Manager

    Our professional and dedicated affiliate manager helps you to optimize marketing campaigns. Our team is global and easy to connect through email/IM/Skype and more. 


    Highly Profitable Offers

    We work directly with more than 200 advertisers at any given point globally and have more than 500 offers. We are also connected with various Ad Exchanges to bring you demand and a 100% fill rate.